Umbrella base with hinge

For large umbrellas over 5×5 where they are large in volume and weight in order to be easy and safe to install and uninstall, the hinged bases provide the solution because there is no need to keep balance in the umbrella for vertical installation. Especially for the large size ATLAS umbrella, it is extremely necessary.

Umbrella stand with Metal Plate – Portable

In case the position of the umbrella will not be permanent and you want to easily move its base. Dimensions from 40×40, 50×50, 62×62 and thickness 8 mm.

Ankle umbrella Base

In case your surface is made of sand or soil, and you have to add cement, then you include it. It is a permanent solution with maximum durability. The length of the pipe is about one meter and half a meter is placed under the ground.

Sand Metal AnkleBase

Sand Pact Base. Suitable for umbrella mast with cross section Ø32 – Ø50mm.


In case the surface is cement or tile and we want to be able to move, without holes in the floor, the size of the umbrella is large, and depending on the size the cement slabs can be increased from 4 to 8 when there is strong wind.

Weight of each piece of cement is about 22 kg, so each row of four weighs 88 kg. Depending on the size and type of umbrella, the rows can be made of two or three, so to exceed 250 kg in weight. Industrial metal type wheels can also be placed on the metal plate where the cements are placed, for the possibility of moving in special cases.

Cement base

In case the surface is cement or tile, and we want to be able to move, without punctures in the floor. Available in round or square shape, it is suitable for heavy type umbrella. Base weight from 50-70 kg, and diameter from 50-60 cm. Possibility to be placed on a metal plate with wheels for easier movement in special cases. Variations also with a ready-made stainless steel base frame which is filled with cement, and has wheels.

Flange base

It is available in a round or square shape and is screwed to the ground (the surface on which the base will be placed must be at least 10-15 cm thick in cement). In order to secure the flange we use galvanized or stainless steel plugs expanding with 12 mm thickness and length from 14 cm to 20 cm depending on the size of the umbrella. Flange diameter in two types 25 cm, 8 mm thickness and tube Φ60 (suitable for heavy type umbrellas), and 30 cm with 1 point thickness and tube diameter Φ90 (for umbrellas overweight). The ideal base for great stability of the umbrella.It can be made in many variations such as with extra reinforcements,  decorative lid, fixed flange, etc.