Industrial type (heavy duty) umbrellas


Heavy-duty umbrellas are suitable for professional-type constructions, highly durable umbrellas with high aesthetics, thatadapt to colors and sizes that best suit your space. The diameter of the central mast is aboutΦ42- Φ50 mm, thickness 2.5 mm and dimensions of radii 15x30mm. Heavy-duty umbrellas are enhanced with spokes of a special aluminum profile.Otherwise, it embraces the radius (for umbrellas over 3×3). The opening and closing of the umbrella work with stainless steel pulleys and with safety screws.

* We manufacture umbrellas in dimensions, aluminum colors which are out of the ordinary.
* Possibility to be constructed with telescopic operation mode.

Available Dimensionsς

Round (octagonal): Φ200   Φ230   Φ250 Φ300  Φ350  Φ400

Squares: 2 χ 2   2.5 χ 2.5 3 χ 3   3.5 χ 3.5   4 χ 4

Rectangles: 2 χ 2.5   2 χ 3   2.5 χ 3.5   3 χ 4           


These are 100% waterproof umbrella fabrics with exceptional resistance to extreme conditions that have an official certification of protection from UV radiation. They are 100% waterproof polyester double coated umbrella fabrics in a variety of colors or acrylics with indelible colors

* Your signal – advertising message can also be printed on the sides of the umbrella.


The base of the umbrella can be: transportable concrete base 30-65 kg, metal flange, galvanized flange, etc. according to your needs.