Heavyweight Telescopic Umbrellas

Heavyweight umbrellas are made of special aluminum alloy with high resistance to weather conditions. Specially designed constructions to meet the most specialized requirements such as covering large spaces. Its advantage in addition to its high strength, is in the telescopic opening mechanism that allows its operation without obstructing the tables and disturbing any chairs that are placed in the space.

They adapt to the colors, sizes that best satisfy your space.

Basic Technical Characteristics:

  • Central mast diameter: : Φ95 mm
  • Beam dimensions: 20 Χ 40mm
  • Reinforcement with special aluminum profile H that embraces the beam.
  • Basic color: standard κατασκευής RAL 9010
  • Screws: ασφαλείας
  • Stainless steel pulleys: (3) for opening the construction.


Available Dimensions

Round (octagonal): Φ400   Φ450   Φ500   Φ600  Φ700

Squares: 3.5 χ 3.5   4 χ 4   4.50 χ 4.50   5 χ 5   5.50 χ 5.50

Rectangles: 3 χ 4   3 χ 5   4 χ 5   4 χ 6   5 χ 6

* They are also manufactured in special dimensions.

* Also, the umbrellas are made so that they are easy to repair and maintain.


These are umbrella fabrics 100% waterproof with exceptional resistance to extreme conditions that have an official certification of protection from UV radiation. The fabrics are 100% waterproof polyester double coated in a variety of colors or acrylics with indelible colors.

* Your signal – advertising message can also be printed on the sides of the umbrella.


The base of the umbrella can be: portable concrete base 30-65 kg, metal flange, galvanized flange, etc. according to your needs.