Beach Umbrellas


Umbrellas with high endurance for swimming pools, beaches and beach bars. They are made of aluminum 10Χ15 or 15Χ30, with central trunk (mast) of aluminum Φ32-Φ50 and thickness 2mm. The aluminum of the umbrella frame can be electrostatically painted in the color of your choice. Due to their robust construction, they have great resistance to weather conditions, while they stand out for their beauty. The usual dimension is about Φ220 while it is possible to insert perforated windproof material instead of fabric.

You can choose the fabric of the umbrella from our Fabric Color Catalog in order to perfectly match the aesthetics of your space. The base of the umbrella can be made of cement, metal flange, galvanized flange, etc. according to your needs.

* The painting of the umbrella frame is electrostatic with white polyester powder RAL 9010.
* By ordering and without additional charge, a frame in black RAL 9005 is made.
* By ordering but with additional charge, the frame is made in any RAL color.
* The easy and safe mechanism for opening the umbrella is made with a stainless steel roller and rope.
* The umbrella has an air vent system.
* Available with or without ruffles.
* There is the possibility of printing an advertising logo on the ruffles and on the panels of the umbrella.
* The packaging is done in a special nylon bag and reinforced carton.

Available Dimensions

Round (octagonal): Φ200    Φ230   Φ250

Squares: 2 χ 2       2.5 χ 2.5          3 χ 3

Hexagons: Φ200        Φ220   Φ250


These are 100% waterproof umbrella fabrics with exceptional resistance to extreme conditions that have an official certification of protection from UV radiation. The fabrics are 100% waterproof polyester double coated umbrellas in a variety of colors or acrylics with indelible colors.

* Your signal – advertising message can also be printed on the sides of the umbrella.


The base of the umbrella can be: compacted sand metal, compacted fixed cement, transportable concrete base 30-65 kg, metal flange, galvanized flange, etc. according to your needs.