Fabric color palette

blackout ifasma chania

New special resins with excellent resistance to UV rays. Very high level of protection, shading and durability that prevents radiation and mainly offers almost absolute shading. With the Coat-2-Coat production method, a thick coating layer is achieved that guarantees durability in long-term use, in all weather conditions.

Weight: 420gr / m2

poliesterika ifasmata chania

New collection of monochrome awnings, double coated and high protection. With the RESISTA style, we ensure top waterproofing and perfect application of the awning. The ideal weight that achieved offers the possibility of using it even in light constructions.

Acrylic awnings are ideal awnings of choice for sun protection, which guarantees excellent, long-term protection against UV rays, Heat because they breathe constantly, bright light and bad weatherconditions.

Its yarns are dyed in the mass, where they give the awnings the exceptional long-term color stability and superior resistance to tearing, pollution and water damage. Choose from a wide range of Color Paint – Acrylics that suit your space and taste.

Weight: 300gr / m2