Large Atlas Umbrellas

Umbrella suitable for high resistance to weather conditions and for large dimensions of spaces over 5 meters. Central mast thickness 5 mm with iron heads of 12 radii. For ease of installation and maintenance – repair can be accompanied by a special base with hinge.

The large size of the umbrella reduces the unnecessary columns from more umbrellas so you can make the most of your space. The umbrella is also very easy to maintain because a radius can be replaced without having to remove the umbrella from its place.

Also, opening and closing with a pulley and rope makes this process very fast and minimizes the problem that would exist if the opening and closing were done with a crank and a rope where a possible damage would make your umbrella useless for many days.


  • reasonable cost
  • weather safety
  • covering large areas
  • easy to use and maintain

Available Dimensions

Squares: 5.50 χ 5.50  6 χ 6 

Rectangles: 5 χ 6  5 χ 7   5.5 χ 6.5

* They are also manufactured in special dimensions.

* The umbrellas are also made in a way that they are easy to repair and maintain.


Theumbrella fabrics are 100% waterproof with exceptional resistance to extreme conditions that have an official certification of protection from UV radiation. The fabrics are 100% waterproof polyester double coated in a variety of colors or acrylics with indelible colors.

* Your signal – advertising message can also be printed on the sides of the umbrella.


Hinge support base for large umbrellas over 5 × 5 where they are large in volume and weight in order to be easy and safe to install and dismantle the hinged bases, provide the solution because there is no need to keep balance in the umbrella for vertical installation or uninstallation. Especially for the large size ATLAS umbrella is extremely necessary.